Welcome to Smooth Moves Seats

Today’s boats are big, high powered, and faster than ever; but even the best designed boats can still use a little help providing a smoother ride. Whether you are a novice angler, a weekend boater, or a serious tournament angler, your body can be subjected to harsh conditions on the water. Neck, spine, and back issues are commonplace amongst boaters and once they set in they can take the enjoyment out of boating and fishing. That is why Smooth Moves' seat mounts are a critical addition to your boat.

New Ultra – Designed for easy install and adjustability

Our newest Ultra model is a mechanical suspension system with a four-spring design and a hydraulic shock. It can be easily installed in most boats with pedestal style seating utilizing your existing seat and simple hand tools. The adjustable spring tension accommodates passenger weights from 100 to 300 pounds. The slide allows for fore and aft adjustment of up to 6 inches. It’s like having your own custom made shock absorber built right into your seat!

The Smooth Moves' seat mount suspension can be just what the doctor ordered for preventing spinal issues. The word is definitely out on how proven these suspensions are in providing you the most comfortable and durable ride on the market. Check out the install video to see how easy it is to smooth your ride.